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A space for female business owners to find their focus and strategy, and a plan to achieve their goals easier and faster.

Hello! I am Robin Walker, business coach, group leader, and speaker.

After leaving the elementary teaching profession in 2001, I began my entrepreneurial journey as I stayed home with my babies. From a continuing education company to a product based retail company, all led me to create and build the Women’s Business Workshop. 

My clients have left their traditional 9 to 5 jobs like teachers, therapists, and counselors, to transition their skills into their own businesses.

I help them set their goals, detail an action step list to follow, and set them up with accountability to reach those goals.

Let’s build you a more stable and profitable business, so you have more flexibility with your family.

Women’s Business Workshop is the support you have been looking for.


We want you here.

Let’s do this together.

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