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Hit your business goals sooner than you thought possible when you join the Impact Business Circle.

Impact members are spending less time guessing what to do next, thanks to access to on-the-spot coaching, mastermind group support, and accountability (to do those tasks you don't want to do).

  • Do you have ideas and big dreams- but also have a lot of distractions?
  • Do you need a plan and action steps for what to do next?
  • What about intentional, dedicated work time so you can reach those goals?

How Impact can help...

Coaching & Guidance

The Impact Business Circle is a personal, real time experience. Workshops are live, and mastermind calls are led by the coach, Robin Walker.

You get hands-on support that walks you through each step of our Quarterly Progress Path.

Save Time & Avoid Distraction

When you create an action plan in our hands-on Quarterly Planning Call, you won't be wasting time going from thing to thing, and guessing what to do next.

Our members stick with their projects and ideas long enough to implement and see them succeed.

Support and Experienced Advice

When you aren't sure about raising your prices, how to word a response, or need a safe ear to vent to, your mastermind group has got your back.

You don't have to guess on your own or get advice from someone who doesn't 'get it'. You have a tribe to ask.

Within weeks of starting to work with Robin, I had set my quarterly goal, was making consistent progress toward it, and booked two new clients.

If you are struggling with identifying the next best step in your business or ever sit down to work and don't know exactly what you need to work on, I highly recommend reaching out to Robin. 

— Angie, Impact Circle member

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I get it. I loved playing things day by day and figuring it out as I went along.

However it didn't get me the results that I wanted.

You don't have to keep struggling to force your motivation. Or shaming yourself for not knowing what you don't know about how to uplevel your business.

We need people.

People who understand. People to guide us. People to vent with. People to celebrate with. You don't need to do it alone.

Walworth County business coach Robin Walker

I'm Robin Walker. Business owners and entrepreneurs come to me for a plan to optimize their business and their projects so they can bring in more revenue while have more times for the things they love. I help them clarify where they want to be, what the next best step is, and how they are going to get there.

Let's dive into your business and see how we can make it more successful.

Don't think you have time for a group?

This is not about giving you more work or homework. This is about making your work easier.

Spending time up front each quarter to get help determining what needs tweaking in your business, or what you should focus on, will save you time in the long run.

Imagine... when you sit down to work, you have your next thing ready and waiting for you.

No guessing, no shiny objects. Just the thing that will move you forward.

And the best part? We will figure out what that is together.

Quarterly Planning:

Whether planning comes naturally to you or not, we do it together at the start of each quarter. Mapping out business activity for 90 days during our Quarterly Planning Call, can help you with clarity and focus. It is such a relief to have a plan in place for that next project or goal and see it documented in action steps.

Mastermind Group Calls

We break out group into smaller cohorts that meet together twice a month. These women get to know each other and their businesses on a deeper level, so they can offer sound feedback and advice based on history and business experience. Robin gives everyone a chance for a hot seat to go over their goal and their next action step, and provides coaching when needed.

Community and Camaraderie

When you make a big sale, or land that podcast interview...who do you share that with? Who celebrates alongside you? How about when the sales are slow or you are overwhelmed with too many orders or appointments? Who do you turn to? Our private facebook group is an intimate group of welcoming, understanding, and encouraging women. It is the place to go for referrals and resources, celebrations, and support in the hard times.

Impact Marketing & Sales Foundations Curriculum

Included with your membership is the Impact Foundations Curriculum (Business Vision, Ideal Client, Offers & Pricing, and Customer Journey). These workshops are available to members 24/7 in our online resource hub. The coursework is in bite sized video clips, with planning sheets, and is easy to work through on your own. It was designed intentionally so that it is not overwhelming or too long to complete. You can ask questions or get input during your mastermind calls.

This is a great program for any business owner that has been DIYing their business and is ready to align and optimize their foundational components in order to grow. The coaching support, group feedback, and strategic planning are a steal at the Impact price.

If you would like to work through the Foundations Curriculum 1:1 with Robin, that is available anytime as individual coaching sessions. Set up a initial consult call to get more details.

Impact is the support you didn't realize you were missing.

Give it a try this quarter and see where the clarity and focus takes you.

A new mastermind cohort is forming for next quarter. Join us for only $97/month.

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