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Business coaching sessions are a great way to fast forward your growth through individual attention and strategy focus.

It can be hard to get a clear view of your business when you are inside the day to day. Coaching can provide an outside, professional perspective on how to move your business forward.

No more guessing or wasting your time. Time for a strategic plan and action steps.

Let me help you get your ideas organized, lay out a plan that makes sense for your business, and determine your best next step forward.

What clients work on in a strategy session:

Marketing Strategy
Strategic Business Event Planning
Offers, Pricing, and client experience
General Session

There are multiple ways to work one on one with Robin, depending on the depth and complexity of your business need. The best first step is to schedule a free call to see what your needs are and how we can best work together.

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What clients are saying:

"All the years I have been doing this, I never really had someone with a skill set that could help give me sound advice, especially someone from the outside looking in.  That is extremely valuable! This is exactly what I was looking for!"

"Working with Robin was one of the best decisions I've made in my business."

Marketing Strategy

  • How to attract more customers
  • Alignment and/or gaps in your marketing strategy
  • Ideal Client, Niching Focus
  • Feedback on promotions and new ideas
  • Marketing strategy for a new business
  • Increasing reviews and referrals

Offers, Pricing, & Customer Journey

  • Feedback on a new offer idea
  • Creating an aligned offer/product suite
  • Strategic pricing
  • Streamlining client onboarding procedure
  • In-person visit for physical locations to assess 4 areas of customer experience
  • Sales strategy
  • Increasing per sale revenue

Business Event Strategy

Many business owners host events, but often they are missing key strategy and event tasks that could make the event more successful. Sometimes a single strategy session is all it takes to see your event from a more strategic perspective.

  • Event strategy from pre-event activities to post event to increase ROI
  • Best fit event selection based on your goals
  • Marketing plans for your event
  • Creating process and systems for event management
  • Start a new event off on the right foot
  • Get fresh strategy for a yearly event that you host

Other Coaching Session Topics:

  • New project or business idea
  • Find clarity on a project, roadblock, or where to go next with your business.
  • Planning your schedule - Prioritizing and aligning when, where, and how you work
  • Vendor booth strategy
  • Standing out as a leader in your industry
  • Creating a strategic seasonal offer, promo, or content
  • How to make the most of networking events

I'm Robin Walker, small business consultant and speaker. Business owners and entrepreneurs come to me for a plan to optimize their business and their projects so they can bring in more revenue while have more times for the things they love. I help them clarify where they want to be, what the next best step is, and how they are going to get there.

Let's dive into your business and see how we can make it more successful.

Robin Walker business strategist

There are three ways to work with Robin one on one:

Single Session
Business Evaluation
Check out the details of each session type here.

Prefer a group coaching experience?

Checkout the IMPACT Business Circle!

Goal setting, Accountability, and Business Training with a tribe you can trust and count on.

Impact Mastermind Group for women in business
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What are you waiting for? The time is now to move forward.


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