Lakeside Conference for women in business seventh annual

Time to Level Up!

Stand Out - Get Seen - Be Known

Spend a day surrounded by other women in business, building relationships, learning from experts, and mapping your plan to level up in 2023.

Leveling up means different things to different people. It may mean more revenue for some, but it can also mean less stress and more time with your family, or achieving a goal you haven't reached. The seventh annual conference is designed to help you determine what leveling up looks like to you, and give you the expert business advice and new connections to help you get there.

Looking to meet new people and optimize your business? Join us!


women's conference group

Speakers will be sharing their experiences and expertise on leveling up in business, in fun and engaging sessions.


lakeside conference panel

This year our panel will be discussing 'Hiring Help For Small Business Owners' as well as taking audience questions.


group of women business mastermind

We have built in plenty of time to hang out and get to know the other women in attendance. Also participate in mastermind circles- a time to get feedback and share your thoughts with a small group.

How is this event different?

networking for women in business online

THE AUDIENCE We cannot say enough about the caliber of women that come to this annual event. This tribe is friendly, helpful, and always looking to give support. No drama or divas here. Even the speakers sit in the audience and engage in the event. Stepping out of your business for a day to be surrounded by other women who are also looking to level up, can be extremely impactful.

business conference content workshop

CONTENT ALIGNMENT AND INTENTION This is not just a random hodge-podge of business topics. The strategic goal for this year's conference is to help you create the business and life you dream of, by infusing your unique expertise, experience, and style into your business structure. We will workshop through each step with the experts, with added support to uplevel your mindset in the process.

business conference visibility

BUSINESS VISIBILITY We know your business needs some fresh visibility for 2023. All attendees can choose a Featured Business ticket upgrade to be included in our Preferred Business Partner Guide, which will be given out to all attendees and sponsors, as well as being posted online. There will be curated opportunities for connecting with other attendees at the event, as well as sponsorship opportunities (first come, first served limited spots).

:: 2023 AGENDA ::

DAY 1 ~ 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

Specific times and details will be given with ticket purchase.


Grab a beverage and find your table. Reconnect with old friends or meet someone new!


Robin Walker Conference Founder & Host

Business Consultant: Women's Business Workshop

Robin Walker is a small business consultant that helps female business owners find more focus and strategy, so they can achieve their goals with less overwhelm and distraction.

Whole Group Session: Capitalizing on Your Unique Business Proposition

This session starts out with revisiting your custom business vision for a clearer path to where you want to be. Then we move on to optimizing your unique business proposition (expertise, approach, and personality) to help business feel easier and more aligned.


Panel Discussion: Hiring Help in Your Business This panel discussion will address how to get help in your business and home, so that you aren't carrying all the weight, doing all the things, so you can stay in your zone of genius. We will discuss hiring employees, independent contractors, using Virtual Assistant services and business service providers, in this Q&A format.

Ana Canon

Ana Canon

Owner: Avrah Virtual

Ana created a mentorship program for aspiring Online Service Providers and is continuing to support local and nationwide businesses improve their social media presence, as the founder and CEO of Avrah Virtual, a Social Media Marketing Agency that specializes in content strategy, content creation & social media advertising.

Jennifer Revels


Owner: Revels Consulting

Jenny left Corporate HR to start her own human resources company, Revels Consulting. She offers Leadership Coaching, Management and Human Resources Consulting, and Professional and Executive Recruiting.

Robin Walker

Whole Group Session: Creating a Best Fit Offer for Your Target Market

Optimize your target market focus to better fit your unique expertise and business vision, and find the sweet spot audience that you want to work with, and that values what you offer.

Learn about aligning your unique selling proposition with your ideal client’s needs, in order to create an 'easy yes', transformative product or offer.

LUNCH BREAK Enjoy a salad bar lunch, networking, and time for pictures.


google and seo

Sherry Bonelli

How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile to Get More Clicks, Calls, & Customers

Owner: Early Bird Digital Marketing

Sherry is a Google Business Profile Platinum Product Expert. She is the owner of Early Bird Digital Marketing, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and a digital marketing professional with 23+ years’ experience. Sherry holds a Master’s of Internet Marketing Degree and is a LinkedIn Learning instructor. 

Sherry Bonelli Google My Business


Robin Walker

Whole Group Session: Using your USP in your marketing and client attraction strategy

Is your marketing attracting the right people? Does it feel like a burden and always on your list? Or you aren't sure where you 'should' be spending your marketing time and energy? Rethink your marketing and create an attraction plan that feels more natural and aligned, based on your USP and how you connect most naturally with your audience.



mastermind circles

Mastermind Circles

Get feedback and peer input on your new ideas from the day, as we do round table discussions- mastermind style.

A fun and interactive way to get to know each other better and hear experienced advice from other professionals in a small group setting.


Rebecca Malotke-Meslin lakeside conference

Rebecca Malotke-Meslin

Owner: Pleasantly Aggressive Coaching & Consulting

Rebecca Malotke-Meslin is the founder of Pleasantly Aggressive Coaching & Consulting, where she coaches women to confidently own their leadership, and achieve their personal and professional goals. Rebecca combines a background in social research with 20 years of sales, marketing, communications, and school leadership experience to offer a wealth of knowledge and an engaging experience for her clients.

Interview: Up-level Your Business With Confidence

New level = New devil...Renew your confidence in getting uncomfortable and taking calculated risks as you uplevel. Rebecca will give encouragement and strategy on multiple growth challenges, like, creating and taking advantage of opportunities that feel scary, entering into new situations with confidence, and getting comfortable in pictures, video, and media opportunities.

Spotlight Sponsor Interview

Bobbi Baehne

Owner: Think Big, Go Local

Bobbi will be sharing about her experiences in women's leadership and small business ownership. Learn about how she keeps growing, creates a unique brand identity, where she finds support, and other lessons she has learned along the way.

We thank Bobbi for all of her years of supporting the conference as a speaker, advocate, and sponsor!


4:00-6:00pm DINNER BREAK

Grab some dinner with new friends at the hotel restaurant, head to downtown Lake Geneva for a bite, or take an introvert break.

HAPPY HOUR! 6:00 - 8:00 pm

:: DAY 2: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm ::


This retreat is open to all Impact Business Circle members, or anyone who joins by February 15, 2023.

Tickets closed

"Incredible how much can change in just hours when you have the right women in the room! Game changer." - Katie

"Super shout-out to all the speakers and sponsors for making an event that breathed life into us and put fire under our feet." - Alicia

"Robin Walker planned, organized, and facilitated one of the nicest business conferences I've been a part of! SO IMPRESSIVE! She developed a community and friendship between all the attendees that is lasting well beyond the conference." - Carrie

:: 2023 TICKETS ::

We like our events to be personal. We want you to be able to build relationships and feel a sense of community at the event. We are limiting the amount of tickets being sold to this event to keep it intimate and impactful.

No regrets- grab your ticket today. It's probably less than your last Target run or what's in your Amazon cart. (And this will have more ROI than that lamp.)


The Ridge Hotel banquet Room lakeside conference

The Ridge Hotel

 W4240 WI-50

Lake Geneva, WI 53147

Our seventh annual conference will be held at the beautiful Ridge Hotel event space in SE Wisconsin (about an hour from Chicago and Milwaukee).

The hotel includes fitness room, spa services, indoor pool, restaurant, coffee shop, free parking, and lake views!

Book your room asap, as Lake Geneva has winter festivities at this time.

Book your room and see the venue here