Not getting enough traction on your goals?

We can help.

Sometimes we don't know what we are missing in our goal plan, or the strategic marketing that would help us achieve it.

When you work with Robin Walker, you get more than accountability and encouragement for your goal. Robin's educational and business background gives you an advantage over other goal setting programs.

She helps you choose the right goal, create a strategic plan to attack it, and gives you the marketing and sales coaching along the way that you need to reach your goal.

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Focus to Finish Formula

Your goals are missing some steps...

There are steps you can take while setting your goal that give you a statistically higher chance of completing it. If you think choosing a SMART goal is the most you can do, you are missing out.

We will work through the FOCUS TO FINISH FORMULA- a 4 step process that helps you find a path, stay focused, and complete your goal.

How is this program different?

We do more than set goals.

Achieving your goals takes more than just choosing one. Often the plan is mismatched or misaligned, or your routine needs an overhaul, maybe a limited mindset is holding you back.

Sometimes you don't know what it is, but something is holding you back from where you want to be. This program finds those gaps, finds your sweet spot for goal setting, and helps you customize your plan for your goal and personality.

  • Strategic goal selection
  • Action step creation
  • Business coaching
  • Marketing strategy
  • Monthly or bi-weekly accountability
  • Mindset work when needed
  • Scheduling and routine strategy
  • Networking and event strategy
  • Productivity and motivational resources
  • Personal one on one support and encouragement
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I had done my goals for this year already.  However, I hadn’t identified the necessary tasks and potential gaps in detail.  Since yesterday's workshop, I have been ON FIRE!  By day’s end, I will have done everything within my control that will allow me to hit my goal.  

—Attendee of Goal Setting Workshop

Why do you need a goals coach?

It seems like we 'should' be able to work on goals without help. However, you are busy. You have a lot on your plate. Top performing professionals get support and set themselves up for success with accountability. The way to set up in your career is by getting help and not trying to do it alone anymore.

Robin has been perfecting the goal setting process over the years as she coaches with business leaders, continually researches the latest science behind goal setting, and stays on top of business trends.

There are two ways to work with Robin Walker on your goals and achievement:
team training for goal setting


Once a Quarter: Team Quarterly Planning Workshop 90 minutes (online or in person- dependent on location)

Once monthly: Each team member can meet with Robin virtually for goal check ins, coaching, accountability, and encouragement.

one on one goal coaching


Once a Quarter: Quarterly Planning Session 50 minutes via zoom

Meet with Robin virtually for coaching, accountability, and encouragement.


1 - 50 minute virtual session monthly

OR 2 - 30 minute virtual sessions monthly

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