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Work at home with kids activities

Is Working at Home With Kids a Daily Struggle?

Are you finding it hard to get any work done with your kids home? Are you trying to work with a baby on your lap and a toddler spilling milk in the next room? Afraid your kids will be spending their entire day behind a screen?

It doesn't have to be so hard! I can help you find pockets of time to work while providing activities for your kids to do. With this program you will learn:

  • When to work
  • What the kids will be doing while you work
  • How to set up it all up
  • What to do to keep it working

How Does the Program Work?

One of the quickest ways to stick with something is to have an accountibility partner. I will work one-on-one to design your action plan, one that fits you and your family. Check out the steps to the program:

  • Homework: Fill out an online questionnaire about your current schedule and family preferences. 
  • 30 minute Getting Started phone consultation. 
  • Homework: I will send you a stockpile of work-from-home resources, checklists, and worksheets to choose from, to fill in your summer schedule. 
  • 45 minute Strategy Session phone call to set up your schedule. We will be determining when you will be working and what will the kids be doing. 
  • Customized Action Plan will be created and emailed. 
  • 1 Follow Up accountability phone call to keep you on track or to answer any questions that may arise.

This program is for you if:

  • You have tons of kid's ideas pinned and just never seem to try them out. 
  • Do you feel like you cook and clean while your kids watch movies. 
  • Your kids come into your office every other minute to show you something.
  • You want to be a rock star mom boss and an all-star mom.

Picture a day where you can sit and work uninterrupted, the kids are playing on their own and helping around the house, and you have a binder of ideas if things get crazy. If that is what you are looking for, let's chat!

Custom Weekly Schedule

Together, we will set up your ideal work/family printable schedule.

coaching call schedule

Accountability Calls

Get help with following through on your plan. I will be checking in with you!

kid painting activities

 Activity Ideas for the Kids

Choose from a huge source of ideas on how to work at home with kids.

work from home with kids

Work From Home Survival Workbook

Over 30 pages of systems, worksheets, and activities for kids and printable resources!

Let's Work Together!

As a former teacher, I love creating activities and systems for kids! I thrive on worksheets and guides that help us get our ideas on paper, and give us a plan of action. I love a good Pinterest board, but sometimes we need to move those ideas into our daily schedules. 

There is a lot to learn from the way teachers plan their students' daily schedules. I want to share this with moms who are trying to balance their child's day, while trying to work from home. 

I have been running a home based business for the last 14 years, while raising my 3 children. I have gathered and created systems and activites that helped my kids have fun while I worked. I love sharing these with moms and helping them remove the chaos and stress from their daily routine. 

Will things still get crazy sometimes? Yes. Will plans work 100% of the time? No. 

But winging it everyday isn't working. So let's try something else.

Daily summer lists for kids


Custom Made Daily To-Do Lists:

I will create custom to-do lists for your kids, based on your family's interests, routine, and your child's age. They will be downloadable and printable to use when you need them.  

Your total program investment: