"I don't want my kids on screens all summer."

"I feel guilty when I work in the summer."

Working from home in the summer can be so hard! We have all figured out that 'winging it' does not work.

You need a plan! And I would love to help you with it. But summer is not just about activities on a calendar. I use my teaching experience to walk you through how to implement these strategies with your kids. Yes- your kids CAN leave you alone for bits of time. We will get it done together.

The purpose of the course it to set you up with:


  • Help the kids to self entertain 
  • Help the kids to wait before interrupting you 
  • Teach the kids to clean up after themselves 



  • Increasing productivity during shorter worktimes. 
  • How to keep the house in order in the summer 
  • Kids feeding (and cleaning up after!) themselves 
  • Avoiding the summer academic slump 
  • How to batch work with kid’s activities 
  • Using ‘office hours’ to increase productivity 



  • Checklists and to-do lists for the kids 
  • Activity lists 
  • Kid’s meal prep and ideas 
  • Business goals and set-up

"My child won't leave me alone when I try to work."

"We always miss the fun stuff in the summer!"

work at home this summer with kids!

Tweens & Teens

Ideas and printables to get teens moving and off of their phones.

Facebook live with kids 

How to keep the kids from interrupting when you are doing live video from home.

Summer Lesson Plans

A free download of a themed week of kids’ activities and meals.

"Robin Walker's course is a lifesaver for work-from-home moms. 'Winging it' is just not an option when kids are home for the summer. Robin's course helps moms strategize both work and family time so the summer is productive and enjoyable. The printables, videos, and lessons in this course are beyond helpful!" 

Carrie Sharpe of He Says, She Says

Don’t wait unil chaos ensues- start your plan today.