Plan Your Year 2018 1:1 Workshop


No more guessing what comes next when you plan your business calendar in advance. The time is set aside for you to think ahead for 2018.

Quit winging your marketing and promotional plans each week. Join us for dedicated time to outline your plan.

In these one on one sessions, we will meet for 2 – 1 hour zoom calls.

We meet for 2 sessions and you have the time in between to complete the work before the following call. Accountability!

All workshop activity will be held on a zoom video call and recorded.

What is a zoom call? Think skype or video conference- we can all see each other’s faces, and talk to each other. I will send you a link to click (you can use a laptop or download the zoom app on your phone).

  • Planning worksheets
  • 2 one hour strategy calls
  • Guidance and feedback on your calendar
  • Accountability to set time aside to plan.


Why outline your year? Why this workshop?

  • Time set aside to complete your plan with no distraction and the accountability of the group
  • Be intentional with your schedule, your offers, your product launches for the year. Less winging it.
  • Anticipate your income sources and plan for more consistency.
  • Balance the over busy and the slow seasons by planning ahead.
  • Open for more collaborations and sponsors with scheduled content, promotions, and events.
  • I can help you take it step by step so it is not overwhelming.


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