women's business workshop

It is time to get your crap together.

You are a bit all over the place.

#allthethings feel overwhelming

You are stuck in analysis paralysis

You are not sure what to work on next

It's OK! Most of us began our adult lives with a traditional career, but somewhere around mid-life, found ourselves as business owners. We hustled, we DIYed when we could, and were basically winging it... until now. 

It is time to get some foundational pieces in place. Let's take away some of that overwhelm by creating some templates, routines, and intentional plans.

In this GROUP COACHING program, we will be meeting weekly to learn and plan in the following categories.

Focused Offer

Choose and optimize one offer that will be your signature offer to focus on. 

Email Marketing

Create email templates, plan intentional content, and make a monthly schedule.

Ideal Client

Narrow down who you are marketing to, and how to attract them.

Social Media

Choose 1 platform to focus on, create a monthly posting plan, and plan intentional content.

Ummm...I needed this like yesterday. Where do I sign up?

business foundations group coaching

June 28 through August 16, 2018

Group Training Calls: choose between 9:00am CT or 8:00pm CT when you register. (Min 3/ Max 10 per group)

  • June 28: Focused Offer Training
  • July 5: Focused Offer Q&A Live
  • July 12: Ideal Client Training
  • July 19: Ideal Client Q&A Live
  • July 26: Email Marketing Training
  • August 2: Catch up week (no calls)
  • August 9: Email Q&A Live
  • August 16: Social Media Training
  • August 23: Q&A Wrap Up


I have plans on one of the training days.

=====> #NoExcusesSummer. But just because I am nice, I will keep all trainings up and available in the private facebook group. They really will be better live though, so make it happen.

I don't know if I can afford it.

=====> #NoExcusesSummer. You have been hanging around the group, checking things out, and by now I hope you know that I can help you. This program is priced affordably because I want to help you, and get these foundational pieces in place so you can get MOVING! Skip Costco this month. Put your business before snacks.

I don't think I have time to commit in the summer.

=====> #NoExcusesSummer. Do you have time for Netflix? How many hours have you spent scrolling social media this week? If you want to grow, you are going to have to make time. These are foundational pieces that will save you time in the long run. 

I don't think I can do a call with kids home for summer.

=====> #NoExcusesSummer. Zoom has a mute button. Go in a room with a locking door. Hire a neighbor kid to play legos with your kids for an hour. Turn on Netflix kids. We all understand a nerf bullet wizzing by or a dog barking during a call. We are all there, my friend. You can do this.

How do I know if it is a good fit for me?

=====> Do you want help? Do you need help? Are you ready to make business easier?