Yearly Revenue Planning

Looking for a way to plan the upcoming year?

If you have a sales goal for 2017, it is important to plan out that revenue; what sources it will be coming from, what time of year different sources are available, and what new revenue streams to add.

Breaking down yearly sales into manageable monthly goals, helps you plan for the slow months and handle the busy months.

Step One: Set Your Yearly Sales Goal

If you have past years’ income reports or sales information, that is a great place to start.

Step Two: Determine Your Average Monthly Goal

Take your yearly sales goal and divide it by 12. This will be the average amount you need to earn each month to meet your overall goal.

Seasonal highs and lows happen in most businesses. Your average monthly goal is just an average. Balance your high sales months with your slow season.

Step Three: Record Your Main Income Sources

Write down the main categories of income for your business. These should add up to your sales goal for the year.

Write down any additional revenue streams or projects that you want to add this year.

Step Four: Plan Your Year

Fill out your projected sales for each month for the upcoming year. Add estimates for any new projects and add repeat sales based on last year’s numbers.

Get the template to plan your year here.

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Plan your income sources for 2017. Earn more money by planning out your goals for the year for your small business.


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