Work at Home Mom’s Summer Activities for Kids

Most moms I know need to get work done on a daily basis, whether it is building their business, organizing the household, or starting up a new side business. When kids come home for the summer, it is hard to juggle it all.

If you kids are school-age (kindergarten through high school) chances are that they can self entertain for at least part of the day. Sometimes they will naturally do this, and other times they may need some help. I have made up a huge list of activities that kids can do while you get your work done.

Work at Home Mom's guide to surviving summer! A huge list to give kids so they can have fun while mom works. More at

Plan Ahead

Every summer, I print out one list per child, and put it on their own clipboard. I sit down with the kids and explain the idea behind the list. Whenever the kids are bored or having trouble finding something to do, I refer then to their list. The kids can add their own ideas as well. The clipboards help because it is easier to keep track of than a loose piece of paper.

More Activities

If you like this printable and want more help getting your work done this summer, you will love our Summer Survival Workbook for Work at Home Moms and our Summer Cheat Sheets (everything you need to keep your kids busy while you work)! They are full of tips, resources, and printables.

Work at Home Mom's Summer Survival Guide! Printables, checklists, and tons of ideas to keep your kids busy while you work this summer. More WomensBusinessWorkshop.comSummer Cheat Sheets! Sent to your inbox every week with plans for your kids!

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