Work From Home Help

We know working from home can be a struggle! We want our kids to be happy and we want to build our dream business- at the same time.

Work From Home Survival Program

Work from Home Survival Program

Are you finding it hard to get any work done with your kids home? Are you trying to work with a baby on your lap and a toddler spilling milk in the next room? Afraid your kids will be spending their entire day behind a screen?

Let’s chat and get your day organized! I can help you find pockets of time to work while providing activities for your kids to do.

With this program you will get:

  • How to organize your day to find more time for focused work.
  • Ways to have your kids happily engaged throughout the day.
  • Systems to help kids contribute to the household.
  • A customized plan and printables to maximize success.

To get more information about this one of a kind program or to secure a spot, click here.

Work at Home Boss Club

work from home mom club!

Get in on a live Masterclass with other Mom Bosses! This fall we are offering 2 Masterclasses on working at home with kids.

Join our Mom Mastermind as we meet online to show you:

  • When to work
  • What the kids can be doing
  • How to set it up
  • How to keep it going

I am taking the top ideas from our Work From Home Survival Program and putting them in a speed group session! If you don’t have the time or finances for our in-depth, personal program, this club is for you. Click here to check out the details!

Summer Planning WorkbookWork at Home Mom's Summer Survival Guide! Printables, checklists, and tons of ideas to keep your kids busy while you work this summer. More

The Summer Survival Guide offers ideas on

*what your kids can do all summer

*how to devote a time and space to get YOUR work done

*printables, to do lists, and checklists

*snack and meal help

All created by a former teacher and small business owner, in ready-to-copy/print format.

You can also join our exclusive Summer Survival facebook group. We will have weekly goal setting, share ‘Crockpot Wednesday’ ideas, and support each other throughout the summer.

Click here to see more details about the workbook!


Need summer plans sent to you every week?

Get weekly plans for your kids all summer! Great price and so easy!This is my favorite new thing for summer!

Every week you receive an email with the plan for the week! It is themed, so each week is different. Take the planning out of summer and let us do the work!

The activities are designed by a former teacher and mom of 3. All recipes and activities are super easy and geared toward keeping it simple.

For a sample week or more information, sign up below:

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