Summer Cheat Sheets Subscription: August Only


1 month of weekly emails in August. Email goes out Saturday for the following week.

  • August Email Dates: July 30, August 6, 13, 20

4 total weeks of themed activities, meals, outing, and encouragement. You will make back your $10.00 the first week in additional work time productivity! More details below!



Need summer plans sent to you every week?

This is my favorite new thing for summer!

Every week you receive an email with the plan for the week! It is themed, so each week is different. Take the planning out of summer and let us do the work!

The activities are designed by a former teacher and mom of 3. All recipes and activities are super easy and geared toward keeping it simple. Activities are geared toward ages 4 through 14, but can be adapted for other ages.

Get weekly plans for your kids all summer! Great price and so easy!Each week you will receive:

  • A theme for the week (beach, sports, zoo, etc).
  • 1 EASY crockpot recipe (4-5 ingredients max).
  • 3 snack and 3 lunch ideas that most school-agers can make on their own.
  • 3 self guided kid’s activities so you can work.
  • A weekly outing suggestion.
  • A weekly business challenge for Mom (with a printable worksheet).
  • A shopping list for the food and activities for the week.

We are sending out a sample week so you can check out the value of the cheat sheets. They will save time and energy that can be spent on your business or with the family. You will not be disappointed!

To get a sample Cheat Sheet week, sign up here:

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If you purchase here, you will receive Cheat Sheets for August only. They will arrive via email each week on Saturday for the following week. If you purchase partway into the summer, you can request the past week’s plans via email for your files.

**You are purchasing these plans for personal use. The copyrighted materials may not be sold or redistributed/given out (including to friends/family) without permission. We keep the cost low so it is affordable to most families.**


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