Event Master To-Do List Session


Do you have an amazing idea for an event for your business that you are trying to work through? Or half way through planning and stuck and wondering how to move forward or what to do next?

Pre-requisite session: You must complete at least 1 event brainstorming session with Robin before scheduling this list making session.


We will start with brainstorming and building on the ideas you already have, and generate new possibilities you may not have thought of. Then I will guide you through the practicality and viability of these ideas, based on your event and business goals.

We will then outline the event and create your master to-do list for the event.

Post session, I will send you your master list that includes the major steps that you can take to plan your event, all customized for your specific event. It will have space included so you can add your details and additional steps that arise during follow through.




This session goes deeper into your business event goals than the half hour session. We will get clear on the purpose for your event and how that will guide the decisions you make going forward.

You will leave with a starter list of action steps, so you can continue your momentum clearly after our session.

I have been an elementary school educator and an entrepreneur for the last 20 years. I have also planned and assisted on numerous events, including expos, conferences, weddings, and networking events. I use these skills to help guide you through the thought process, and help you hone in on your ideas and get your steps on paper.

Sessions are held on zoom, unless otherwise specified. When you purchase, you will receive a follow-up email with a link to a scheduling calendar to make your appointment. I will email you your event planning worksheet to get started!


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